Tus' Pot Pie

A creation by a family of friends and food-lovers, Tus’ was born out of a vision to provide you a simple yet warm and comfortable experience, much like an afternoon spent at your lola’s house.

Tus’ serves only the heartiest, healthiest dishes, lovingly prepared in claypots and skillets, an homage to the olden ways of classic cuisines, that brings out the rich flavors of every dish.

Tus’ is not only a place to enjoy good food, but one where everyone is at home. The team at Tus’ is composed of well-trained, highly-passionate individuals who are tirelessly working hand-in-hand to give you the warm welcome and service you truly deserve, because being at Tus’ is being with family.

Tus’ is yours!

Tus' Chef Krsna AlgenioChef Krsna Algenio